Killing Leisure Time and Personality


What do you usually do in leisure time?

It’s kind of a classical question, right? Some people may be answer it lightly. They probably answer “watching television”, “sleeping”, “listening to the music” and many other. But one of the best answers is reading, I guess. Because reading is the most useful and easiest activity to do in the leisure time.

I believe that all you guys know what is the benefit of it; get more knowledge and information, get amused and many else. As long as what we read is good, it will  definitely be useful.  But actually it is not that easy for people who do not like reading. You bet. So, the point here is love what you are going to read first, cause reading what you are really like will be joyful and you will not easy to get bored. For example, you like to read a comic, then read a comic. But once you should also try to read other kind of book which is more useful. That’s a bit about reading.

So, how relationship between activity which we do in  leisure time with our personality? Or even it has no any relationship, at all. Let’s check it out.

As we know that the personality of someone may be influenced by many things, such as, genetic factors, environment, or even the educational background. The personality, according to what i got in a considerable study, devided into two parts. There are, characteristic and attitude. Actually in bahasa Indonesia both of words are alike, characteristic means sifat, attitude means sikap. The characteristic is our way to face something, and if that is practiced  periodically it’ll become an attitude. So, what is the meaning of personality? Personality is accumulation of attitude which is usual and often we do when we face something, and it  is automatically done without thinking.

The leisure time is a problem which is often we face everyday, i think. I said it is a problem because in my view, problem is not always something that goes bad or everything that makes us crazy or mad. A problem is something that need us to do something on it, so does in leisure time. We choose one activity that useful and we like to do. And absolutely, with the different personality background, people must be have different choises too, right? A good personality person will probably take a useful and a good activity, but others may be will take an activity just according to his mood or want, without considering the benefit.

So guys, let’s kill our leisure time with a good activity in order to we be a good person.

Killing Leisure Time and Personality

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