Terapi Berpikir Positif

Honestly, at first i saw this book i did not interested at all in this book because when i saw the cover and also the title this book seemed like a common book, nothing special. But one thing that made me curious was where the book was placed. This book was placed in the best seller book shelf, together with other books which were i know they were popular books. Because of my curiousness then i got closer to the shelf and picked one of the books which was not wrapped anymore, then i read it and i saw an “International Best Seller” words on the cover. What a surprise !! So i read its content and i found my self finally interested. Oh, i almost forget this experience happend in Gramedia book store.

So, here it is a brief introduction about the book i said.

This book entitled “Terapi Berpikir positif”. This book has been translated to five languages  (English, French, Arabic, Kurdish, and Indonesia) and being an International Best Seller Book. This book written by Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky-as you can see on the book cover above- who is originally from Egypt but now he lives in Montreal, Canada. He is founder of Neuro Conditioning Dinamic (NCD) and Human Power Energy science (HPE). So, i guess i am not mistaken if i say he is the expert on this field. This book’s price in Gramedia is IDR 54.900 -I don’t know in other places-.

Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky

Not like the other motivation book, the writer is not only gives the reader motivation but also proves anything what he argues with science. So cool. He also gives many stories to support his ideas. Dr. Ibrahim divides the book into several chapters and explains it very clearly. He also makes several laws according to his explanation. One of these is “Concentration law: Anything that becomes your main concentration, it will influence your  attitude, feeling, and behaviour. It gives rise to three things, there are: ignorance, generalisation, and imagination.”

And one important thing that he is not only a great motivator but he is also a good moslem, cause he always remind us that belive in Allah is above everything, above any laws he declares. May Allah bless him.

This book is strongly recommended by me to you who want to be success in anything (work, spiritual, education, etc). Because its content can be applied in any fields. That’s all, i will not inform you very detail because i am not paid on it. hehehe


Note :

horeee..Alhamdulillah it is my fist posting in 2012. May in this year i can more productive in blogging and also be better.

For all dear readers, pray for me cause the day after tomorrow i am gonna do exams.

Terapi Berpikir Positif

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