Climbing Ciremai Mount’s Top

I personally believe that every single person has his or her own the most unforgetful momment in his or her life, so do I. I got much experience but just some of them whic I recognize unforgetful momment. One of which is my first experience climbing a mountain.  And here it is the short story.

When I was senior high school, on the vacation, I was invited by my friends to climbing Ciremai mount’s top. Actually, I was very happy at that time, because I thought it must be great experience, but i was afraid as I imagined the risk. I know that Ciremai was the highest mount in West Java, and it has many bad stories about the Climbers. As I heard, in recent years, there were several climbers who had disappeared and there were also several people who killed over there. So, it made me think again to go. But, one of my friend assured me that it would be ok, we would go climbing with a profesionally man, he knew the way and he had climbed Ciremai two times before. He was his friend. So, I was not necessary to worry. And finally I decided to follow them.

Climbing start at 3 p.m, in the afternoon, on 31 Desember 2008. I went climbing with my six other friends. We start from Linggarjati. It was the first post. There were still many posts that we must raised. Actually, there were three ways to get the Ciremai mount’s top. There were Palutungan, Majalengka, and Linggarjati. We decided to start our climbing from Linggarjati, because it was not as steep as other ways and it was near from our home.

After we passed Linggarjati, we raised a campsite, the name was Cibunar. We took much water from there, because on the way up we must be so thirsty and there was not any water. There were many people who were camping at there, perhaps they would having new year eve at the campsite. When it was getting dark we took a rest and prayed shalat magrib together. I thought the situation was getting bad, because it would be harder to go climbing on the dark. Then, we took our flashlight and continued our climbing.

On the way up, we always together and took care each other. If one of us felt tired we took a rest for a while. Night in a mountain was very cold. So, we must wear our jacket to keep us warmth. Not only us who climbing the mountain, but also there were many people did. Sometimes we had some conversations with other climbing groups, and from those I knew that there were came from many other cities, such as Bandung, Jakarta, Cirebon and many more, but only a few people who came from Kuningan. From several climbing groups, I met an outstanding group. In this group there was a young boy, he was still a fifth grade elementary shool student, and he climbing with his father. Altough he was still a young boy I saw he was looked so enthousiasm, and he climbed cheerfullly. It was so made me amazed.

On the midway, we met a group which they had been went down from the top. They told us that at the top there was a great storm, so we decided to take a rest while we wait the storm was end. After we waiting for several minutes, we continued the climbing.

In fact, the storm was not end yet, we heard a great sound at the top. and it was probably the storm sound. So, for our save, we decided to camp at that area. Unfortunately we only brought a little tent, and absolutely it was not enough for us to sleep in it. So, we took our turn to sleep, and I got the second turn. When my friends slept, my another friends and i were taking heed outside the tent.

Actually, we were camping on the new year eve. We saw fireworks and heard noisy sound from the down. We were having new year eve at the campsite. Actually, it was out of our planning. We planned to having new year eve on the mount top, but it was not a big deal for us.

Then, we continued our climbing. Having climbing for a long time, we finally getting near from the top. The sky was getting bright and the sun rised.

10 a.m, we raised the top. I was very excited. I never felt happier than it. All of my tiredness was nothing if it compared with this satisfaction. At the top, unfortunatelly it was fogging, so we couldn’t see at the down. At there, we took some pictures and felt the strongly  wind touched our faces. Actually, I want to stay for any longer, but we must go down soonly in order to could arrive at down before evening.

On the way down, our foods and water were running out, but we must go down. In fact, the way down was easier than way up. So, it was not took a long time.

Because  of feeling  thirsty, as we arrived at Cibunar we straightly took water and drink it.

At 7 p.m, we finally arrived at the first post where we started our climbing. We felt so tired but we were so happy, because we had raised the top and arrived at the down savely. I thought, it would be the great story of my life.

Climbing Ciremai Mount’s Top

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