Borobudur ?


This sort of text actually was my grammar assignment in the first semester, but I published it just for share. hopefully it could help you to make a recount text or an experience story. Have a nice read…

Every year the second grade in my high school goes to other towns to study tour. In that year we went to Jogjakarta. I didnt know why its name was study tour. Because factually we didnt study at there but we just had fun. So, I thought its name could be recreation, not study tour.

I thought, it was kind of tiredly trip. Because it wasted many time, but I didnt remember how long that was. After sit and slept for many time in the bus, finally we arrived in Jogja. We arrived there about at 5 o’clock. we streched our bodies and we rested in a cottage. And after that we prayed subuh.

The cottage when we rest was not far from Borobudur temple. So we could easily get there. Factually its location was not in Jogja but in Magelang, but it was still near from Jogja.

Factually, that was my second time I visited Borobudur temple. The first time i visited it with my family and that time I visited it with all my friends and my teachers. But both of them were same great.

There were so many tourists at Borobudur. Most of them were domestic tourists but there were  foreign tourists too. First thing I did at there, I tried to went to the top of the temple and went around it. It was looked like odd but I was gladed to did that. After that Iabsolutely took some picture with my friends.

At there I met a foreign tourist and he was alone. I thought that was the best chance for me to train my english speaking skill and also absolutely my braveness too. So, I towarded him and many talked. After that I asked him to take some photos with me and my friends. Although i had not yet could speaking english fluently but i gladed could did that.

Second place that we visited was Kasongan. Its location is in Jogja but it was not too far from Borobudur. Kasongan was a village which there were many handicraft and pottery. And there were many statue too, and they were for sale. Not like Borobudur temple, in Kasongan there were not too many tourist. My teacher told us that Kasongan was the artists place.

We went around that place and saw many beautiful handicraft. Beside that they were cheap.

After we visited Kasongan finally we went home. But before that we drop in a big shop which sold many Jogja special foods, like bakpia, brem, dodol etc. And we bought many thing at there.

In road to back home we fast aslept in the bus, because of tired. And finally we came home with many handicraft and much great experience.


Borobudur ?

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