Saeful Jamil-That must be his worst ordeal

A couple days ago Indonesian people were shocked by a sad news from Saeful Jamil. This multitalent guy who was born in Serang-Banten, Juli 31, 1980 experienced a terrible accident in Saturday, September 3, 2011. His Toyota Avanza’s car which was contented of 10 people flipped over in Padalarang tollroad in way to Serang, Saeful Jamil hometown. And that accident was killed Virginia Anggraeni, Saeful Jamil’s wife.

Ironically, that group of people wanted to visit and pray Saeful Jamil’s ancestors at the graveyard in Serang but unfortunatelly they have to send Virginia Anggraeni to be burried instead.

This thing was absolutely make Saeful Jamil very sad. Because it happened just three days after Idul Fitri day. And moreover the car was driven by Saeful Jamil it self. I can’t imagine how bad he was at that time.

And his sadness was not stop until that. Several days after that tragedy Saeful Jamil was decided as a suspect of wife death. The Police stated that the accident happened because Saeful Jamil as a driver was careless. And this decision was absolutely generated so many protests from our society. Moreover Cimahi people, Virginia hometown, threated that they will be held a demonstation regarding to this decision.

Actually, this tragedy could be happend by anyone. But above all we can find the lesson from this tragedy and all of tragedies that we experience everyday. And we have to believe that everything that Allah give to us is the best, although we dont think so. May Allah bless Virginia, and all of her best deed could be also accepted. And may also Allah give our brother, Saeful Jamil, strength to face this. Amiin.

Saeful Jamil-That must be his worst ordeal

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