The Legend of Tangkuban Perahu

Once upon a time in a small village. There was life a little family. There were a woman, and his son.
The woman’s name was Dayang sumbi and his son’s name was Sangkuriang. They pet a dog, his name was Tumang. Actually Tumang was a human who had banned god to be a dog. Tumang was Dayang sumbi’s husban, but Sangkuriang didn’t realize it, because Dayang sumbi breath not a syllable to him. Sangkuriang was the only one man in his family, so he did all men work him self, although he was still young.

One day, Sangkuriang was ordered by his mother to hunting animal in the jungle for dinner.  When in the jungle he saw a deer and he shooted it with the bow. But unfortunately, his shoot was missed. And he tried again, but it was still missed.

Because of feeling tired and it was getting dark but he didnt get anything. He decided to kill Tumang and gave its meat to his mother for dinner.

In the afternoon, he came home and gave the meat to his mother for cook. Her mother didn’t see Tumang, so she asked to him “where is Tumang, my son ?”. Sangkuriang looked very nervous, and falteringly he said “ He ..he ..he run away to the jungle, mom. When we were hunting, he saw a rabbit and he tried to catch it, he didn’t back again. So, i decided to leave him“. “No, no way. He always back home before evening. You must be lie?“ His mother replied. And Sangkuriang said“ ya, mom. I confess, I was lie. But why you look so worry? Whereas he just a dog. We can pet another dog if we want “. His mother was silent and he didn’t answered it. Instead she aked again “so, what meat it is ? it don’t looks like the meat usually you get”. Sangkuriang was getting more nervous and he said “That is Tumang meat. I am sorry, mom. I did it because i was afraid we didn’t have anything for dinner”. “You foolish. You have killed your father. Tumang is your is father, you know“ Her mother yelled. Her mother was very mad and she hit his head by rice radle. And she said “Go away from here. Dont ever back home“. Sangkuriang was very sad and he went away from home.

Fifteen years after that occurence, Sangkuriang had been grew up. And one day at the park, he noticed a beautiful young woman sat alone on the desk. Sangkuriang was falling in love at the first sight at her. So,  he came toward and tried to get some converversations with her. Actually, the woman was his mother, but he didn’t realize it because she looked still young. And she looked young because she have a magical formula.

Long time after that, they were boy and girlfriend. And when the dating, the woman (Dayang Sumbi) unpurposely noticed an trace injury on his head and she recognized that he was his son who fifteen years ago had went out from home.

In the mid of dating, Sangkuriang asked her “would you marry me?” Dayang sumbi was very shocked and absolutely she rejected it, instead she said “yy..yes i will, but i have a requirement before you marry me. If you can do it i will marry with you, but if you can not, absolutely i won’t” “Okay, what is the requirement?” answered Sangkuriang “You must make a huge ark before the peep of dawn” Dayang sumbi told. “Okay, it’s easy for me” replied Sangkuriang.

Before he make an ark, he asked the genies to help him, because he thought it was impossible to make an huge ark only a night. And the genies agreed to help him.

When it was getting dark, Sangkuriang and the genies started make an ark, and in the midnight Sangkuriang and the genies almost finished their job. So, it made Dayang sumbi worry. She decided to use his magic shwal which can make sky getting bright like on the dawn. And the sky suddenly bright, whereas it was still on the midnight. At that time, Sangkuriang looked so stress and upset, because of that he kicked that unfinished ark angrily.

And according to the people belief the ark becoming a mountain who called “Tangkuban perahu”.

The Legend of Tangkuban Perahu

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